QCWA Founders

The Quarter Century Wireless Association began on the evening of November 14, 1947 during a round table with John DiBlasi, W2FX, Uda Ross, W2UD, John Gloe, W2FD, Edwin S. Crane, W2EF, Dr. Ernest Cyriax, W2DI, and Irving R. Groves, W2DX. They decided they should meet together and with other old-timers, form an association of amateur radio operators who have been licensed for twenty-five or more years.

The first official meeting was held on Friday evening, December 5, 1947 in New York City, at which time the following were elected as officers of the newly founded Quarter Century Wireless Association. John DiBlasi, W2FX as President, George T. Droste, W2IN as Vice-president, Leon A. Hansen, W2FIT, as Secretary, and David Talley, W2PF as Treasurer. There were 34 in attendance at that first meeting. Charter Membership was left open for a short time to allow others who were not able to attend the first meeting to formally become members. The roll of Charter Members closed on December 31 with a total of 54.