Net Information

The QCWA Michigan Chapter 10 Net meets each Sunday morning 3.903 Mhz. at 8:00 am eastern time with a pre-net at about 7:30 am.

Net Control Operators are as follows:

  • First Sunday WD8DCA Leo
  • Second Sunday W8TWA Pete
  • Third Sunday W8CT Gordon
  • Forth Sunday W8KPU Rob
  • Fifth Sunday K8VJ Chris

There is always a need for net controllers. If you are interested please contact Rob W8KPU or Gordon W8CT.

The QCWA Michigan Chapter 10 Preamble:

This is the Quarter Century Wireless Association, Michigan chapter 10 net. I am (your call), net control this morning. My name is (your name) and I am located at (your location). This net meets each Sunday morning at eight o’clock eastern time, with a pre-net starting about a half hour earlier. Any stations that were listed by the pre-net control need not check in again. In a moment I will take additional check-ins and I will standby for other stations about every 15 minutes. If you must break in at other times please do so as the transmitting station returns to the net control. You need not be a member of QCWA ot Chapter 10 to join us, visitors are always welcome.

Now any additional stations wishing to check in please call (your call).

  • Check for short timers.
  • Run the short timers.
  • Check with officers for additional information or announcements.
  • Run the net.